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fiji on a budget

For instances, I bought a 1-liter bottle of vodka at the Auckland airport for $32 NZD. You will be able to share hotel rooms, taxis, and negotiate better tour deals! You don’t need to go to a remote island to see beautiful beaches in Fiji. You know how it is, “Fiji time” is a real thing! Buying snacks, water, and alcohol at the local grocery stores will save you a ton! Food in Nadi: For 3x average priced meals a day, budget yourself around $50 NZD total. Fiji is not a cheap destination to travel. I bought a day trip to a remote island (Robinson Crusoe) with transport included for 50% off the normal price on Book Me! Even if you travel to Fiji on a budget… Free transfers … Fiji Culture Village Experience and Tours - Know Before You Go! 15 Best Things to do in Panama City, Panama, 8 BEST Places to Visit in Northeast Brazil and Travel Guide. Almost all bars in Fiji offer a daily happy hour around 4 or 5pm. Not to mention, because of their isolated location, food and drink prices are also inflated. ), The truth about hostels (and why I still love them). On a tight budget, you shouldn’t try to visit … Expect to pay $10-15 Fiji for most local cab fares, around $12 Fiji per meal and budget your beer money for $7 or $8 bottles. October 20, 2017. This... 2. We are Dan and Bailey, just your typical thrill-seeking travelers! While it’s almost halfway around the world, Fiji isn’t as inaccessible to Singaporeans as you might think! My best advice is to bring FJD cash with you (exchange your money at home before leaving or at the airport) or to exchange some when you arrive. You can only pay with cash here! Fiji Vacation Travel Guide! If you don’t have your own snorkel gear many of the resorts have some you can rent out for free or for a small fee. Credit card and EFTPOS machines are frequent but they often incur a 3-5% charge. If you’re coming for a short holiday and have room in your suitcase then it is worth stocking up at home before coming to Fiji. Final Daily Cost: $186 NZD - all included. How to Travel Fiji on a Budget: Example Itinerary ... My Jakarta Experience: The Good & the Bad | Travel Diary, QT Wellington: The Best Place to Stay in New Zealand's Capital. The website “Book Me” is popular in New Zealand, but it is also getting very popular in Fiji! Fiji on a Budget! Fiji offers everything that a tourist would want to experience on a tropical island, from hotel accommodations to nightlife adventures. It’s definitely worth checking out if you want to book any excursions or tours while in Fiji. It makes travelling so far on the ferry entirely worth it. Other than that, the local buses are safe and the best option for travelling around Fiji on a budget. Fiji on a Backpacker’s Budget In the heart of the remote South Pacific is a cluster of +300 islands we’ve come to call Fiji. Pay with cash. How to Find the Best Deals. Expect to pay around $20 FJN for wine or $100 FJN or more for spirits! Other luxury grocery items in Fiji can also be pricey. In Nadi, there is a beach called Wailoaloa Beach that is lined with affordable hotels and hostels. Food Budget in Fiji Average Daily Costs. For a midrange trip, you could be looking … Arriving to Fiji with cash is often an underestimated tip, but if I had been prepared I would’ve saved hundreds on credit card surcharges and ATM fees! This budget will cover a hostel dorm, using public transportation, street … You will likely find us hiking, scuba diving, catching public transport, or just drinking beer at a hostel. I think Fiji is a really cheap country to stay in as long as you avoid the 'tourist' prices and maybe mix and match your backpacker accommodation with local food places and perhaps the odd touristy … I got all the way from Nadi Airport to Pacific Harbour (a 3.5-hour ride) for only $12 FJN! Affordable. I often ate instant oatmeal in my hotel room for breakfast using just the kettle. You’ll find heavily discounted beers and cocktails during this time of day! See the latest … Try and get a window seat if you can, and also be prepared for a sweaty ride. ” “ It's … Many of the prices are geared towards wealthy tourists, not budget travelers so you must be smart to travel cheaply in Fiji! Lots of larger resorts also offer nightly entertainment for their guests. View from a hike on … If you find yourself thirsty on a budget, sodas and local water (yes, the expensive … Although staying a few nights on one of the many tiny remote islands in Fiji is tempting, if you are travelling Fiji on a budget then this might be something you need to give a miss. As I said, there is lots of free entertainment and affordable hotels and restaurants. On the first day I went from Nadi all the way to the top islands and worked my way back down. But dont worry, this is at no extra cost to you and we only recommend products or services we know and love! don’t stop the super work! Fiji on a budget: A bit of hit and miss Last year, I entered a summer photography competition with George FM , a New Zealand radio station. A roadside vendor selling fresh coconut juice in Fiji. Walk Around the Garden of the Sleeping Giant. Yes, Fiji is expensive. In Fiji, the same bottle cost $189 FJN (about $130 NZD)! You can also do a day trip out to a remote island for as little as $100 FJN including activities and transport! In bars and restaurants, drinks can easily cost upwards of $10 FJN with cocktails costing $20 FJN or more! While meal prices in Fiji can vary, the average cost of food in Fiji is FJ$70 per day. Sleep on the main island of Viti Levu. Taxis are pricey in Fiji! If you’re smart and careful, you can still see and do all of the best things to do in Fiji without breaking the bank! Hot tip: If you decide to spend a couple of nights on one of the remote islands around Fiji, beware of costly food and beverage packages! Budget-saving tip: If you do want to have a few drinks out, make sure to go during happy hour! ), food was good (the chicken curry is worth the rather long wait), and my clean, cozy budget double room had everything I needed. Nice work getting nominated by Social Buddy! It is almost all imported and there is a high tax on it. Many bars, restaurants, and hotels have free entertainment in the evenings. There are so many islands in Fiji, and it seems as though most travelers want to see what all of them have to offer. “ Wifi is a little spotty, but staff was very friendly (thank you, Mere! Thanks for watching! Over the last 30 days, cheap resorts in Fiji have been available starting from $30, though prices have typically been closer to $60. If you’re a solo traveler looking to meet others to travel within Fiji, check out the Fiji Backpacker Group on Facebook. Over the last 2 years, we’ve travelled Fiji, eaten at nearly every restaurant, stayed in island resorts, … Based on the spending habits of previous travelers, when dining out an average meal in Fiji … The Smugglers Cove is where I stayed and I loved it! Both options aren't perfect, they are budget accommodation, but they are fine enough as an overnight base before and after the Fiji Islands - which is where you'll find the real beauty and magic of Fiji. The prize was a trip to Fiji – George FM hosts ‘Spring … At the grocery store expect to pay $3 FJN for a beer or local cooler. Just be sure to ask reception about their entertainment schedule when you arrive to avoid missing out. An island nation of budget dining options and solidly affordable hotels and resorts, South Pacific paradise Fiji offers paradise at a fair price. Calculated from travelers like you. Price estimates were calculated on October 17, 2020. After about two and a half hours, hop-off at. © Copyright 2016 Krysti Jaims. How To Enjoy Fiji While On A Budget Pick Your Favorite Islands. Over the last 30 days, cheap hotels in Fiji have been available starting from $23, though prices have typically been closer to $56. Of course, if you found this blog helpful, be sure to read some of our other Fiji travel blogs including one about the 33 BEST things to do in Fiji, or an ultimate guide on where to stay in Fiji! Do be aware though, the local buses can be slow and often run late. When at local shops it’s also easier to negotiate prices with cash as the locals prefer to take cash. Visiting these remote islands on a day trip as opposed to spending a few nights is a huge budget-saver and definitely an important option to consider if you’re travelling Fiji on a budget! In Fiji… If you are really lucky, you might even be able to catch a fire dance performance for free! Like I said before, alcohol is very expensive in Fiji. I also brought fresh fruit from the markets that made a perfect snack! Many of the island hotels make you purchase their food package as there is nowhere else to buy food around – and it isn’t cheap! For the most budget-friendly option, go for vegetarian – a full meal consisting of veggie curry, roti, dahl, a little salad and chutney will set you back as little as FJ $3 … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. That's a question we are often asked. Yellow taxis start at $5 FJN and the meter goes up very quickly. Look out for resorts that offer complimentary airport transfers. You'll know when you've arrived - the water is so blue you'll have to see it to believe it! A post shared by Blue Lagoon Beach Resort Fiji (@bluelagoonfiji). Hey! Traveling in a group will also help you travel Fiji on a budget. I also must give you the heads up that the local buses don’t have air conditioning and can be very full. After managing to explore Fiji for myself without breaking the bank, I’m sharing my top 10 tips for travelling Fiji on a budget so you can do the same! Most of Fiji’s town centres are full of little Indian cafes serving a variety of curries and deep-fried delicacies. The tiny Tivua Island is a pleasant place to spend a day. Places like grocery stores or hotels have set prices though and you shouldn’t try and negotiate there. It’s affordable and … 1. In fact, most of time it is expected that you will do so. As a general guide, you’ll need around FJD$360 (AUD$226) per person per day in Fiji if you’re on a budget. Visit Fiji’s largest collection of orchids, walk among … Bring your alcohol with you or just keep the drinking to a minimum to save your wallet! 5-star resorts, private beaches, cocktails, and fancy meals is what many people think when they think of Fiji. Hotel recommendation: Wailoaloa Beach is the perfect place to stay in Fiji if you’re on a budget. Plus, the locals are very friendly and I actually met a couple of very friendly people while on local buses! Some of the food items I brought with me included chocolate, chips, and other pre-packaged snacks like crackers. That's a question we are often asked. Buying some duty-free alcohol in your departure airport is a fantastic idea to save some serious money! … If you book your accommodation on Viti Levu in Fiji, then you’ll have access to local restaurants and grocery stores. "Budget holiday in Fiji?" Entertaining Champagne fantasies on a (domestic) beer budget? Bartering on the price of something before purchasing is considered normal. Budget Packages on Mulitple … You’ve come to the right place, because a large section of Fiji’s best eateries, activities and palm-fringed … Instant noodle cups are also a good idea. First of all, the ferries to get to the islands are very expensive and cost from $100-200 FJN each way! While the prices in Fiji can be frustrating, if you prepare properly and make the right choices you will be able to travel Fiji on a budget and still have a fantastic time! Fiji Couples Holiday! But what you need to understand is that their economy relies on tourism and the prices really help them out. In markets, at roadside vendors, with taxi drivers, and even when booking tour packages it is okay to try and barter yourself a better deal. Also, the hotels on the remote islands are more expensive than the ones on Viti Levu. When booking tours or buying items at souvenir shops always ask for a discount if you buy multiple! It's island hopping passes are spectacular and a one-of-a-kind in Fiji. Powered by, Final Total Cost including beverages and extra activities: $1,860 NZD. The largest island or as many call is the “main island”, Viti Levu, is where the international airports are and the majority of main facilities. Immersing yourself in the Fijian culture is a great way to travel on a budget. Before booking, be sure to find out if a food package is mandatory as they can cost around $135 USD per person per day on top of the hotel cost! There are tons of tour deals on this website and even some restaurants. Fiji On A Budget By Stephanie Yoder Published on Monday, March 3, 2014 Fiji is the real life embodiment of all your remote tropical island fantasies: clean, clear water, endless sandy … Fiji is an island nation composed of over 300 islands! Alternatively, you can withdraw some cash at ATMs but this also has a surcharge and they are not always readily available. These tips are things I wish I would’ve known before my trip to Fiji! Hotels and small grocery stores in tourist areas overcharge for these items. Jet off on a two-way economy class flight with Fiji Airways (promo fare starting from S$645 all-in) in this 5D4N Fiji … Backpacking Fiji Suggested Budgets If you’re backpacking Fiji, expect to spend about $109 FJD ($50 USD) per day. Here, you can meet other budget travelers and even share some costs as needed! But if you want something even cheaper, then Bamboo Backpackers is the place for you! There really is a lot! I'm Krysti, a travel blogger, social media manager & photography enthusiast from New Zealand. Daily budget and miscellaneous costs. 13 BEST Things to do in Nadi, Fiji (that'll make you fall in love with Nadi! So if you want to drink, bring some with you! See the latest … However, there are a few tips that I discovered on my recent trip to Fiji that will help you save some money while in Fiji. The less official taxis are a little bit cheaper and fares are negotiated as a set price. So here we go, my top 10 tips for travelling Fiji on a budget! Hey guys, We really enjoyed our trip to Fiji! Negotiating is considered a talent in Fiji. Required fields are marked *. The cheapest drink I found at a bar was $6 FJN for a Fiji Gold beer. source: fiji budget vacations Hospitality: 10/10 Being greeted on the beach with a welcome … It is a great area to stay in Fiji for a few nights if you ask me! Disclosure: This blog may contain affiliate links. Alcohol is very expensive in Fiji because it is so heavily taxed. Unlike some great last-minute deals that can be found in the Galapagos or Antarctica, hastily planned trips to Fiji are often much more expensive. Bringing these types of things won;t save you as much as alcohol, but it is still helpful when your travelling Fiji on a very tight budget! Fiji can be a very expensive country to travel, but as I found out, it is possible to travel cheaply! You can watch traditional dancers, singers, or even try “Kava” (traditional Fijian drink) for free! In Fiji, cash speaks! It’s hard to believe that Fiji can be affordable when you look … Your blog is great and well deserved. Hope you enjoy your Fiji trip too. Fiji Travel Vlog! Also, if your hotel has a kettle and a refrigerator then you can buy some fruit and other food items that are easy to make. So, to save yourself some money while traveling Fiji on a budget, be sure to always negotiate on a price before paying! Your email address will not be published. Its a country with a reputation for its laid back lifestyle, lush beaches, … In fact, it is surprisingly expensive with lots of prices being similar to those in New Zealand or Australia! Price estimates were calculated on October 17, 2020. However, they are still extremely expensive in comparison to local transport. 10 Tips for Travelling Fiji on a Budget 1. Perfect for visiting Fiji while on a backpacker’s budget. In the evenings, this area becomes very lively and there is always some sort of entertainment happening. we enjoy what you guys have posted here. More tips for affordable Fiji: On a budget, you can’t beat the glorious beach (and the price) on Nacula Island in the Yasawas. Awesome Adventures Fiji is a budget getaway specialist that operates mainly for the Yasawa Islands. They do have a schedule but don’t seem to follow it very well. The local buses in Fiji cost only a couple of dollars and go all around the island of Viti Levu! Your email address will not be published. Meet the locals, and relax as you relish in nature’s goodness.

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