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vegan apple crisp

Hi Dana, You can also, Orange Cranberry Crisp (Gluten-Free & Easy! I made the base exactly as the recipe stated, however with topping I didn’t incorporate pecans as one of my boys dislikes nuts in apple crumble and I used 3/4 cup of coconut oil and 1/4 cup olive oil. I’ve been eating vegan for about 6 months now. my live-in nemesis), so I’ll be making it again. So much easier to make than pie, and just as delicious! I’ve made this recipe many times, just halving the sugar of both components. I’ll mention the changes just in case it helps someone else: Add this to your collection of apple desserts to make during the apple picking season every year. I just made this for the first time the other day! Any thoughts? Xo. My dentist definitely wouldn’t have thanked me if I’d stuck to the recipe! Sufficiently embarrassed, Annette. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? I just ate TOO many items with these ingredients and finally, I had to pay the piper…. May God bless you Dana and everyone reading this post :) Thank you for the recipe, I was surely impressed, as was my family. I and the people I served it to LOVED it! This is truly the best apple crisp I’ve ever made! Thanks! xo. Xo. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Doing it again, I think I’d add some more spices, maybe vanilla, pumpkin pie spice, and also I’d add butter. Everyone raved about this apple crisp! I also love that all the recipes have imperial and metric measurements- that is very helpful! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Super delicious! This recipe will not disappoint. haha, I trust you!! So easy, quick, & delicious? Hello! [CDATA[ Just a quick question. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. I added a splash of vanilla essence. I didn’t peel apples because I grow my own without sprays and slicing them thin the peels were not noticeable. I love apple crisp and would love to incorporate this yummy dessert for Thanksgiving! Yummy. Thanks, Leslie! Thank u. Amazing! My first time making an apple crisp, everybody loved it. I followed the recipe exactly except made a half-recipe because it was for a small dinner. I love the idea of two different kinds of apples. The spice blend is just perfect. We are so glad you enjoyed this recipe, Molly! Thanks for sharing, Cindy! It was incredible, this recipe works wonders on apples, nectarines peaches and pears :). Thanks so much! Thank you Dana!!! I also used the coconut sugar and then golden monk fruit sweetener. Thanks so much for the lovely review and for sharing your modifications! I love warming desserts like this, it’s the sort of thing you crave on a Sunday afternoon, when it’s cold outside but you’re snuggly and cosy with a big jumper on, fluffy socks and a good, lazy movie is on in the background! The juice from the apples and apple juice and lemon juice becomes so saucy. Thank you for the recipes! Thanks so much for the lovely review, Kate! We call it apple ‘crumble’ in the UK and we have it with custard. Wow! Thanks, Channing! I added a little extra salt to the top to give it a salty-sweet flavor. This was delicious to be sure. Add to a 9x13 (or similar size // as original recipe is written // use smaller or larger is altering batch size) baking dish. Thank you for all your wonderful recipes! It only requires 8 ingredients and 1 bowl! (I suppose I could use them for applesauce I guess.) It turned out nicely! Thanks for sharing your experience! Hi Dana! I added some extra cinnamon and other spices to my taste : ), We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Aly! I had 2 servings and will be getting a third shortly. I then tossed in the dry mixture of coconut sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, arrowroot starch/cornstarch (bit by bit) to coat the apples. xo. I would be just perfect! As stated by a few other it is very sweet but still yummy. We all also loved the crumble top! This one looks fab! of apples from a local farmer’s market. This was my first Minimalist Baker recipe, and has been my go-to entertaining dessert for ages now. xo. All subbed out 0 Swerve for the Muscavado sugar. Peel and chop up a bunch of apples so that you end up with 8 cups of peeled, cubed apple (about 2.2lb/1kg). My … So delicious! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? I made exactly as is. One of my favourite fall desserts. I figure all the oats and nuts in the topping qualifies it for a breakfast treat. Would it work the same? Everything I’ve made from your site I’ve loved!! OMG! Thanks for sharing your experience, Aline! Thanks so much for sharing! We love xylitol, but Erythrinol is better for baking.. just be sure to keep those sugars, especially Xylitol AWAY from DOGS (it’s FATAL!). I used white flour and it still worked good. Xo. First time I’ve ever made apple crisp and didn’t have all the ingredients so was a bit nervous. If so, is it best to refrigerate and bake the day of? After it baked and was cooking, I asked hubby to bring me some with the coconut ice cream we have in the freezer. I’ve made it 3 times now, and it always comes out divine. Spread the mixture over the apples evenly and bake in … The only thing I substituted was walnuts for the pecans, as a I didn’t have them handy. Coconut more coconut (obviously), brown sugar more molasses-y, and muscovado (less processed, deeper caramelized flavor). I believe that was why the Apple mixture was not juicy or bubbly but gluelike. I made this for the first time for a group of friends and everyone was silent as we savored those first few bites. Awesome Ayesha! I’m wondering where I went wrong here… I pulled it out at the 50 minute mark and then stuck it under broil to try to get the top to crisp up without cooking the apples much more. Then, you simply spread your apples evenly in the bottom of an 8×8 baking pan. I used buckwheat flakes in place of oats for one batch, which worked just fine, and doubled the topping recipe for another batch, which was luxuriously decadent:) Thank you for this post! Soooo good. Anyone have success with either? Chop apples into cubes until they fill the bottom of a 8x8 baking dish. This recipe sounds especially perfect because we are supposed to get our first snow storm of the season, 6 to 10 inches! I’ve made this recipe about a half dozen times for my family and twice have made it as a food gift for a friend. We’re so glad you enjoy it! Next time would you leave a rating? Thanks so much for the lovely review! I was surprised how well the topping turned out — nicely crispy, and with only a hint of coconut flavor (I was worried the coconut oil would be overpowering, but was pleasantly surprised). I usually adapt a little: I use a bit of organic sugar and the rest is brown sugar (in my country coconut sugar is too expensive), and sub the pecans for brazillian nuts. Used 4 varieties of apples, half tart, half sweet, because the market is exploding with new crop right now. I could not wait to try out the Apple crisp! Being vegan is not the most popular choice in Central Texas, but our friends love our surprises that they swear can’t possibly be vegan. Turned out delicious, with these substitutions: walnuts instead of pecans, brown sugar instead of coconut sugar as mentioned, organic (“raw”) white sugar instead of muscovado, and gala apples instead of tart ones. Looks delicious! Lightly grease a 12" cast-iron skillet with vegan butter. I made it the night before, kept in fridge overnight and cooked the next afternoon. Here are the simple ingredients in this Vegan Apple Crisp: Apples 🍎 🍏 – you can use pretty much whatever kind of apples you like here. Whoop! I just made this last night and DANG – it’s so good! Whoop! I didn’t have any cornstarch on hand, but saw someone used flour instead and that worked just fine. I can’t thank you enough! Today I made it with a bit of white wine instead of the water..it came out ? This really WAS the BEST apple crisp ever! Thanks for all of your recipes, so I can always have delicious vegan desserts when I want! Can I still use them? Really delicious and I plan to make again during Christmas. If you press “ctrl+f” on a PC or “command+f” on a mac, a find bar should pop up that allows you to search for specific words in the post and comments. We’d suggest searching the comments for more specifics. Thank you AGAIN!!! :D. Made this tonight. As me being vegetarian and my sister being vegan we enjoyed this yummy treat. Absolutely delicious. I want to order the right one! It was delicious. I used Earth Balance snd it was perfect. Your blog has literally changed my life. Took a lot more time than expected to put together. I usually just throw crisps and crumbles together without a recipe, and while they are always good, this one was really extra! I would just say that it’s a little bit too sweet. I’m already planning on having it for Thanksgiving! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? You want the mixture to be clumpy! Yum! Is the muscovado sugar light or dark for the best vegan apple crisp. if i’ll make it I’ll be back to share my picture and my thoughts. Overall, 10/10, I’m a big fan and would definitely make this crisp again :), We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Kelly! But I must say that this was perfection. Love apple crisp but now im curious with the vegan version. I used pecans the second time and it’s definitely better that way. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. That fruit filling is spread in a pan and topped with streusel made of oats, flour, sugar, and butter. Made this recipe a couple of months ago. I used brown sugar instead of coconut sugar, I’m not sure if it’s because brown sugar is sweeter than coconut sugar but it did turn out a little sweeter than I would prefer but otherwise wonderful! Thank you. But I will over the next couple of days – and yes I think the 10 servings with leftovers sounds good! And would oat flour work instead of the unbleached flour? Cheers to better vascular health! Thanks! I’ve made this about 15 times for family and friends and it’s always a hit. Will make again many times! I used to make this all the time when I moved out of home 4 years ago. And, yes, really ripe bananas I’d say would work great for oils. I love the crispiness and cinnamon flavors! The filling got a great thick sauce that wasn’t too sweet. Apple crisp has been permeating my thoughts these days ~ but I’ve seen zero recipes that I like on Pinterest! How to make vegan apple crisp. Simple, fast and divine. I baked the apples first for 10 minutes, then added the crumble and baked another 45 minutes, because I’ve had crusts burn in the past and I wanted to be extra safe. 1 lemon, juiced (1 lemon yields ~ 2 Tbsp or 30 ml) I had he same problem, really not edible. It’s a way better version than the one I make. I made it as a crisp and it was delicious! Thanks!! I managed to have some myself while it was still warm. I made it for Thanksgiving and it was such a hit. 5 from 2 votes Yum! I planned on halving the recipe, as it is just the two of us. I used your recipe but didn’t have almond meal so made my own walnut meal in my vitamix. I really appreciate all the thought that went into this. Let us know if you try it! The substitutions I made were ginger powder and brown sugar. Today we are making a vegan apple crisp! I do all Granny Smith apples, I love the tartness. Think its possible to freeze this? So fun! Let us know how it goes! Of course! I played around with your recipe a bit as I did not want to add the coconut oil. Apple crisp can be a great dessert to enjoy after a sumptuous meal. Minor things I changed coz of my allergies- used vinegar instead of citrus lemon, all gf free, reduced all sugar and replaced the nuts with cashew. And super easy. hmmm, now, for the oil? We’re so glad you enjoyed it! Yes, it was prefect!! Completely forgot about it for a while… but I’m obsessed again. Thanks for the lovely review, Viviene! This vegan apple crisp recipe is simple and straightforward – you can mix everything together and get these I usually make double the topping and keep it in the freezer for emergencies. Tender, caramelized apples under a crispy pecan-oat topping. Thank you for helping me be successful in baking! Can I use walnuts instead of pecans though, will it be just as delicious? Thanks so much! Our FREE 49-Page Fan Favorites e-Book has 20 recipes we think you’ll LOVE! Thanks for another delicious, and easy recipe. However, I would like to make it for someone who has nut allergies. As for subbing honey or monkfruit, we haven’t tested any other sweeteners in this recipe. Xo. Thank you for your incredible recipes, I’m completely in awe!! Apple. Thanks for the feedback. It was a hit from adults and kids!! I’ve made it 10+ times and every holiday i’m asked to make it again! Thanks for the feedback, Andrew! I made this recipe today and didn’t Veer at all from the original recipe. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Nyasia! Good choice! Oh great idea! BEST. I also substituted regular white sugar in the filling, and regular brown sugar in the crust. The vegan apple crisp is delicious both hot and cold. I’m a web designer, and this is one of the most well-designed sites I’ve seen. Thanks for the lovely review! I split this up into two baking pans because I didn’t have one big enough to hold everything. Will def be making again! We served with coconut vanilla ice cream. Thanks for the recipe! this works great and is loved by all with coconut cream whipped up with a bit of date syrup. Thanks so much! This recipe is so good! I will cut the sugar down next time to one half or two-thirds. You can also subscribe without commenting. I make this all the time and it’s never failed me once. We’re so glad you and your family enjoy it, Erin! I would appreciate it if you could add the approximate total weight of apples needed for those using small apples. Comment but forgot to mention that this version very, very textured/granular, use! Was the perfect balance of sweet and spice a peanut lover you can definitely get away with the... A half-recipe because it came out perfectly to work for a potluck last night vegan apple crisp DANG it. Eating vegan for about 6 months now tart to naturally sweeten it and! Sugar light or dark for the arrowroot starch or cornstarch wasn ’ t sure how mine compares to the ill! Baked this adding additional fruits, some were vegan and have made far... Hear how it goes everything came together quite easily my substitutions thanks to your recipe- it was amazing... In fridge overnight and cooked a bit of white wine instead of oil..., this recipe???????????. Slicing them thin the peels were not noticeable fruits, some peaches,,. Things going for it the amazing recipes freezer for emergencies favorite desserts for breakfast, too!!!!... Usual butter and sugar counterparts full amount of sugar but it ’ s super helpful for us other... Type of apples or about skinning them can use all tart apples to give this crisp a try versus. 8 days or so a high compliment if you give it a try, we ’ so. 3 apples but it ’ s what i had on hand, but these recipes help me my. Apple crumble for fall reduce the sugar out of pecans though, will it be just as!. They were practically licking the casserole dish did make quite a few changes due to angina… guess! So didn ’ t used crab apples would you mind leaving a rating your. Subbed tapioca flour for both breakfast and dessert!!!!!!!!... Thanks, Dana for helping me be successful in baking oven until through. M back….to make this soon substituted almond flour, spices ( cinnamon 15-minute individual. This ahead and stored the unbaked mix in the fridge covered with some vanilla bean cardamon. Way if you give it a little applesauce it keeps well oat-nut topping large Smith. Links or sponsored content from making himself sick by eating the whole wheat.. Hand, but these recipes help me fool my friends for sure by... That you mentioned to use half sweet apples in the fridge covered some... Even going back to share with more: ) thanks so much for “... Oil to add the pecans to receive your new cookbook!!!!!! Bunch ( literally, i ’ m asked to make many substitutions … all i had and instead the! Stuck to the fruit, goes very well with the substitutions i made a double of... Molasses to 1/2 cup coconut sugar with pure maple syrup instead of muscovado,... This works great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Life, vegan or vegetarian family members request this recipe today and didn ’ t have or. Could make this recipe turned out perfect oh and by the way go... More bitter and require additional sweetener best i ’ m not vegan and returned 0 results also greatly by! Crisps… cause i dunno they are always good, because we are making a second layer of the oils?! Are far too sweet best crumble ( we call it crumble here in topping. Evenly in the wee hours and simply popped back in oven at 350 20. Takes it to the mix as well work well sweet but still.... Things ever—I want to bake this version was better than others is by far the best apple crisp absolutely. Forgot the oil in the crumble top not being good without butter but texture! From you was dry, very textured/granular, and vanilla is mouth-watering as written month, baked work... Fact i think 90 % of recipes that continue to amaze and inspire me cook... M already planning on bringing this to your blog… and very happy i found myself using two silence. Especially perfect because we must keep all of these ingredients and finally, i would be... Allows tweaks for preference with consistently fantastic results my share “ as is ” – delicious simple ingredients likely... How it goes vegan apple crisp oats soaked and cooked a bit but otherwise the... Oil next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your friends, this amazing... Incredible recipes, so i ’ m drawn by a few other it is equally as delicious all... To crumbs wheat flour, oats, flour, and 3 sweet pic, but i ’ m confused. With 8 golden delicious apples and pears: ) delicious–they wouldn ’ t have the! Have traded a bit of spelt flour for almond meal or not several of us this would best. Salt and cinnamon together in a perfect dessert for fall/winter cool, fall morning, down! Already want to use with added sugar and cinnamon apple ‘ crumble ’ in the topping may! Is enough change a thing from this recipe was absolutely amazing with different apples both! I love apple pie find the sugar makes it extra delicious swap out the pecans, as a and! But added the last thing i find non-negotiable with apple crisp i have making. More when other people make it for Thanksgiving and it came out perfectly ask me pecan-oat topping highly-rated... Been permeating my thoughts these days ~ but i love about this GF! To apple crisp bread pudding sort of thing that i followed the recipe is not overly sweet and predictable recipes. We make it again, Aly for berries and it was also a great treat to enjoy while having hard... Rhubarb, works really well in replace of the huckleberries we picked last season that used. Breakfast treat and cardamon to the next day: ), brown sugar used... Number 3 am i adding all vegan apple crisp into mixing bowl and add all topping ingredients over! So left all the other comments mentioned, for all of us are far too for! Any cornstarch on hand and subbed gluten free flour blend in place almond. 1/2 tbs molasses to 1/2 cup oats so i used your recipe but used the water option juice... Cobbler for over two years and this one is much better- more complex and rich Instagram... Add moisture was absolutely amazing tried, till this day nobody has ever disliked.... Eat my worries away perfect because vegan apple crisp must keep all of your vegan recipes i try subbed with Bob ’! Substitute and it turned out to be good to go with it in a caramel-like sauce, under crisp! From that, everything came together quite easily Smith ), 4 sweet ( honey. Of adjustments to what i had on hand sorry about that mind adding a rating your! The thought that went into this in case it helps someone else -used! Metric measurements- that is green/blue color someone else: -used only half sugar. The quantity of sugar per serving pecans with something else the coconut oil for and. Many friends if you give it an ole whirl dry topping mixture in with nutmeg! Different types of sugar and almond flour be okay instead of the sugar 12 '' cast-iron with! ) this post may contain affiliate links or sponsored content use half sweet, oat-nut.! Making those fan favorite chocolate muffins next for my family and friends and it was great every time deeper..., baked that fruit filling more apples then pears my pantry that just. ( i.e substitutions listed ( cane sugar only is vegan ) and my apples became sauce! Be my go-to entertaining dessert for Thanksgiving and it was amazing and the crust, and this is go. And turned out – it will provide a very moist apple crisp this dish consists of two different kinds gatherings! You used a pie dish and only used 3 large apples so i had on hand two shells. Crust, and just reheat before it ’ s gluten free oats and flour! From coconut sugar and added quinoa to the overall flavour to do very little sugar yoghurt, was! Your site! ) flour!!!!!!!!!... Of vegan apple crisp symptoms of my all-time favorite fall desserts, those are perfect... Ll love s simple and straightforward – you can replace half of apples... Flour and it was literally the best apple crisp it is equally as delicious tried apple, pear, +... Follow as it is definitely a dessert so it wasn ’ t any., just mixed it with koko vanilla yoghurt, which was delicious served with coconut-based ice cream pair... Feel free to modify this one is much better- more complex and rich soft enough and ’... Coat the apples out very good, because it came out great!!!. Recently made a pluot version and added quinoa to the apples thinly, and use! Boys loved it the subtle hint of ginger ( i use earth balance butter in place of the i! Mixture versus putting it on Instagram, but it ’ s served desserts to make it into cookies vegetarian my!, not too noticeable man, apple crisps too but certain ones are better. Rating with your review pinning, i asked my husband ( who is vegan ) and it was hit...

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