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vegan apple crisp

Thank you so much for sharing! I added a few dates and currents this time which was good but next time I’d use less sugar as they, unsurprisingly, sweetened it. xo, Yes, you’re right! If I don’t have the almond meal and don’t have time to make, can I substitute with something else? I’ve had it only once in my life in a church basement in Trafalgar Square when travelling because my Lonely Planet guide to London told me to try it. I made it as a crisp and it was delicious! This really good crisps. I omitted the nuts (daughter has allergies) and used organic regular and brown sugars. I didn’t have any almonds or almond meal so looked up substitutes and found a recommendation to sub with white flour but to reduce the amount slightly so used just shy 1/2 cup. Stir to combine, then use fingers to break down any clumps of muscovado sugar. It received many compliments! Thank you, Thanks so much for the lovely review, Rachel. So easy, quick, & delicious? Your recipes are consistently good and always helpful for my vegan baking choices. Looking for the easiest vegan apple crip recipe known to man? and yes, I’m the only one eating them ‍♀️ I need help. This was incredible! Thank you for this gorgeous recipe. Amazing how you do not taste the olive oil–I used 1/2 & 1/2 w/ coconut oil, but might try all olive oil next time for less coconut taste. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. melted ghee sub for oil, not exactly vegan but perfect for my dairy intolerance. Lightly grease a 12" cast-iron skillet with vegan butter. Sorry to hear that happened, Olivia! This really is the best vegan apple crisp ever. I did make quite a few changes due to items available & allergies. Xo. So glad the recipe is still here! I used some fresh cherries that were going over and a couple of cooking apples from a box a neighbour had left for people to help themselves too- less of the filling ingredients but very naughty me kept the same amount of topping as your recipe.? Really delicious and I plan to make again during Christmas. It was really good! With my substitutions thanks to your recipe- it was a tasty work of art! Thank you for sharing your recipes with all of us! I ate this for dinner last night and breakfast this morning. I still have more apples left! Could you substitute avocado oil for olive oil? Thanks! Every person, no matter their palate, loves this recipe. Xo. Our FREE 49-Page Fan Favorites e-Book has 20 recipes we think you’ll LOVE! It all worked very well and had a nice texture both of the apples and the crisp. Will definitely be making this again for both breakfast and dessert! I can’t wait to make it for all the holiday parties! This recipe is amazing! Going to try this topping with my next zucchini crisp! No one knew. If you’re like me and you don’t like when it’s too sweet you should take only 1/2 cup of brown sugar. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Love apple crisp but now im curious with the vegan version. :)) But, I agree, when I was eating this way, this would be my ALL TIME FAVORITE!! Thanks so much! Whoop! Seems really high, even as the recipe is??? Yum! Coconut more coconut (obviously), brown sugar more molasses-y, and muscovado (less processed, deeper caramelized flavor). Used whole wheat flour insteas of white. With a scoop of vanilla ice cream on your apple crisp, you are about to taste one of the most delicious dessert. Thanks so much! I made this last night and it was WONDERFUL! Yay! I used half amount of sugar and braeburn apples. Thanks for sharing, Nicole! I also tried your recipe for the coconut whipped cream, which was delicious! The spice blend is just perfect. [CDATA[ Thank you for making my life easier. Subbed vegan Aussie lent instead of the flour, and used half brown, half raw sugar. It even rivals a non vegan recipe I had at a gourmet restaurant last week which was amazing and inspired me to make apple crisp this weekend. Anyone have success with either? As soon as I have the muscovado sugar, I will try it again, maybe 50 Minutes is enough. Everyone was pleased and LOVED it!!! This was the opposite! Thank you very much for this recipe and the great content! Not sure on an exact time but check it every couple minutes and you should be good to go! Has anyone tried adding pumpkin puree to this recipe? Thanks so much for the lovely review, Gidd! I planned on halving the recipe, as it is just the two of us. My all time favorite. Thanks for another awesome recipe! I like olive oil cakes, etc., but I’m having a hard time imagining it in a crisp! I added a splash of vanilla essence. Was WAAAAAAAAY TOO SWEET! I have made this several times and everyone agrees it is the best! It is by far the best apple pie that I have ever made for my family! It doesn’t last long in our house! Quick and easy to use/follow recipe, Thank You! I cannot wait to share this recipe with you. If you want to prepare a nice vegan apple crisp for … Looking forward to making the crisp also! Thank you so much! Super delicious! We made this for our Thanksgiving weekend and it was superb! I Also made banana/peanut butter/almond milk ice cream to go with it. It’s: Tender I loe the recipe so much! I believe that was why the Apple mixture was not juicy or bubbly but gluelike. For the topping: rolled oats, almond flour, spices (cinnamon It was ok. Oh great idea! I made this for Easter, and my entire family loved it! xo. Approximately 1,200 grams or 2.6 pounds. The crisp was absolutely delicious, not too sweet, just right. SERIOUS home run on this one. I made this over the weekend, I did not want to wait until I get the muscovado sugar, that I had ordered. Thanks for sharing. I also didn’t have muscovado sugar so omitted that as well. xo. I used white flour and it still worked good. Start by making the crisp topping: In a medium mixing bowl, combine the flour, oats, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon and salt. This is delicious with. Thanks Dana! :). Sorry I didn’t post it on Instagram, but made this for Thanksgiving and it was a huge hit! This is a perfect dessert for company or when invited to a meat-eater’s home for dinner. This recipe is delicious!! Thanks so much for the lovely review! Looks delicious! We made this last night and it was a hit! yum yum, I love a good apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. Just in case you have a lot of zucchini this time of year! just made a pluot version and added quinoa to the topping – so delicious! Vanilla bean infused brown butter (I use Earth balance) which you coat the apples with and a splash of bourbon. Also don’t forget the fresh grated ginger!! Hmm, we aren’t sure how that would turn out, Jessica! Hi, I love your website and use a lot of your recipes, I don’t make many desserts, but found this one and thought it might be good for Christmas day. This was very easy to make and turned out perfect! The recipe was a hit! My kids LOVE it and I’m not gonna lie…I grabbed a few extra bites myself. I’m going to try this recipe out today, I’ll come back with an edit to say how delicious (I’m sure) it was (will be ☺️) Thank you ? Help! Best apple crumble ever! So glad you enjoyed it, Jilyn. Looks wonderful! I made it with 8 Golden Delicious apples and 4 Honey Crisps. You can also swap out the apples for berries and make berry crisp instead. We’re so glad you enjoy it, Melissa! xo. Well balanced in flavor. I needed a desert to make for Thanksgiving that wasn’t overly complicated and something i had all the ingredients to make! I am trying to avoid added oils. That fruit filling is spread in a pan and topped with streusel made of oats, flour, sugar, and butter. I managed to have some myself while it was still warm. Once again thank you so much for creating such a wonderful, plant based recipe. We have nut allergies, can we replace the almond and pecans with something else? I recently had to cut dairy while nursing my newest baby so extra bonus this is dairy free. By far the best apple crisp I’ve ever had!!! Thank you. Looking forward to hearing how it went for you! It’s such a delicious alternative to the traditional apple pie but I must say I found it too sweet! Hope that helps! I just ate TOO many items with these ingredients and finally, I had to pay the piper…. It's vegan, gluten-free and oil-free! Thanks, Channing! I and the people I served it to LOVED it! We would say try adding more starch next time! I loved it, and my whole family did too! I didn’t think it could get any better but this one is! Thanks! Thank you! It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Check out this tutorial! I make this all the time and it’s never failed me once. Hubby said he’d be happy for this to happen again. Would highly recommend!! Thanks for great vegan recipes! Another delicious recipe! I used just arrowroot powder as the thickener. Wow. Only variation was I put apple cider instead of apple juice and I put less sugar on the apples themselves (because who needs EXTRA sugar)? Turned out perfectly crisp and very yummy! Preheat your oven to 350 F (177 C). Thanks so much for your kind words and lovely review, Michelle! Imma add cloves too! Just divide up the apples into two pie shells; divide up the topping and bake! Oh, wow! Making this weekend for football viewing! I used Panela, the Colombian unrefined sugar, which I think is similar to muscovado, and the coconut sugar. Thanks for all of your recipes, so I can always have delicious vegan desserts when I want! Will make it again. This is really the most … Served it with Nada Moo Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (the best vegan ice cream on the market taste-wise, IMO) and a dark cherry & port wine reduction on top. SO GOOD. I do all Granny Smith apples, I love the tartness. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Donna! Cheers to better vascular health! I have some homemade canned pears I want to use with added sugar and cinnamon. The filling is perfect. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? They included red delicious–which I always thought were not good for cooking–and some small, very dense and tart ones of a variety I had never seen. (I am gluten-intolerant.) Thanks so much for sharing! Just as delicious as all the other reviewers have commented! Pls post more good stuff! Thank you for this amazing recipe! We loved it! I will not ding it at all because I’m sure this is a fault of my own. This is amazing, I have made it twice and will make and serve to guests tomorrow! Delicious, nutty, apply goodness. I used raw walnuts instead of pecans. I just want to make sure I make the recipe correctly. Bananas, really ripe? Hi Betty, other readers have mentioned subbing aquafaba, maple syrup, coconut butter, or almond butter. And yes, that should work beautifully. vegan apple crisp and wine pairings Fruit-based desserts are sweet but not total sweet bombs like frosting-heavy cakes or cupcakes so it makes the wine pairings easier. My sis and I have also baked this adding additional fruits, some peaches, currents, raisins – this recipe is genius. It adds a depth of flavor that I’ve never tasted in any other apple crisp. Might have to make another dish of it this weekend to bring to a family party. I split this up into two baking pans because I didn’t have one big enough to hold everything. Xo. Great recipe. yum! This really is the BEST apple crisp I have ever had! Good luck, Ingrid! Thanks so much for the lovely review, Margie. Yay! Where it called for flour, I simply used King Arthur gluten-free flour. I decreased the amount of sugar and it still tasted very sweet. Thanks so much for the lovely review! We’re so glad everyone enjoyed it! For the filling mixture I added just under 2/3 cup of coconut/brown sugar and I think it could have gone with a little less (the apples packed a lot of sweetness on their own). I made this tonight and we had it with Trader Joes Vanilla Soy Ice Cream. I have never used coconut sugar or almond meal before now. OMG!! Whatever you have on hand. I made this last weekend and I already want to make it again this weekend. I have been on a Minimalist Baker cooking spree and LOVE your recipes! I substituted ACV for lemon juice and Maple Brown Sugar Quaker Oats packets for oats. Ironic and sad non-vegan ad, though. I’ll use more sugar in topping next time. I guess it depends on the apples? I did make a couple changes like leaving out the lemon juice and also the nuts (fiance is allergic), and upping the spices, but this recipe is awesome and I’m so glad I used it! I’ve never heard of anybody adding sugar to the apples before, that sounds super sweet, I’ll leave that part out and follow the rest. Enter another relapse of some symptoms of my chronic illnesses on top of a horrible cold. This recipe is perfection, especially in that it allows tweaks for preference with consistently fantastic results. I changed the recipe a bit, by using pure maple syrup in the topping instead of sugar. And once you pull it out of the freezer, how long should it go back in the oven for, do you think? My first time making an apple crisp, everybody loved it. Be warned, this didn’t take just 20 minutes to prepare, it took more like 45-50 minutes and I had an extra hand. I just made this for Rosh Hashanah and it was literally the best apple crisp I have ever had. If so should I alter the cooking time? Let rest at least 30 minutes before serving. So easy. Xo. I’ve made it 3 times now, and it always comes out divine. The first time, I subbed walnuts because my store was out of pecans. Today we are making a vegan apple crisp! Apple. This recipe is a fan favorite! Thanks so much for the lovely review! The first time I used significantly less sugar, maybe 1/3 of what was in the recipe because it was just for me and and my roommate- delish. We’d think they’d be more bitter and require additional sweetener. It is perfect for a breakfast or dessert to impress. Absolutely do not skip or sub the coconut sugar or pecans they totally make the recipe. I am wondering about using monkfruit white sugar and brown sugar varieties in this. I didn’t have muscovado sugar so used cane sugar instead. Thank you! Several of us are gluten free and never any treats for us to munch on. The flavors are divine, however. I was afraid it was going to be soggy and runny, but it bakes up into a caramely, syrupy yummy concoction coating the apples!. Would it work the same? xo. I just made this for the first time the other day! Any thoughts? Most of our meal last night was recipes from Minimalist Baker. What kind of apples did you use? I’m actually not the biggest fan of apples, but I may just have to try this one out for Thanksgiving :), Normally I would scream “blasphemy” for incorporating oats in apple crisp – my mom does an addictively strict, crunchy topping of just brown sugar, flour and butter. Sufficiently embarrassed, Annette. I also think it’s simple and easy to follow esp for people like me who have minimal baking skills. I actually halved the recipe to make a brownie sized pan which was just enough for my small family. This cake is wonderful. I would just say that it’s a little bit too sweet. I made it the night before, kept in fridge overnight and cooked the next afternoon. I cut the sugar in half, and would decrease it a little more next time (both the apple mixture and the topping). You could also make the full ten servings and have leftovers =) It keeps well! We served with coconut vanilla ice cream. Thanks again. Thanks so much! Thinking that could be a fund addition… do you think that would make it too moist? I am a nervous baker (I had to throw away the last thing I tried to bake) and settled on trying this recipe because it seemed straightforward with a list of ingredients I mostly had in hand. May God bless you Dana and everyone reading this post :) Thank you for the recipe, I was surely impressed, as was my family. Why would anyone want to make any other recipe! Thanks for the feedback, Kelly! We’re so glad everyone enjoyed it! My grandmother is allergic to cinnamon so I had to improvise a little and I added some vanilla bean and cardamon to the ginger. Very happy with this recipe. It turned out great! What is the best substitute for almond meal? Haha that makes perfect sense now! Everything is better with bourbon! Thanks so much for the lovely review! So delicious! We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Colby! This was delicious! Thanks so much! It turned out fabulous! Brought this to a neighbor’s party and it was completely GONE. Does the flavor come through? Hmm, I’m not sure about subbing in other fruit, especially berries which don’t take nearly as long to bake. I also used more pecans. We’d suggest searching the comments for more specifics. It was easy to assemble and so good! We haven’t tried but other readers have mentioned they have had success with it in previous comments! We’re so glad it hit the spot, Sophie! I just made this, with a few modifications. We’re so glad everyone enjoyed it, Alisa! I made this for Thanksgiving and it was completely amazing!! Wish I cooked it a little bit less since my apples became apple sauce. It was delicious. I tossed the apples first with the mixture of lemon juice, water and freshly grated ginger. Always an amazing hit! On a cool, fall morning, sitting down to a bowl of this, with a splash of almond milk . It did not dry out at all. So good!! Hi! It is absolutely delicious. Very easy to make and my 23 year old son and friends LOVED it – the entire dish was gone within an hour – no leftovers. We’re so glad you both enjoy it, Leisha! I don’t like overly sweet dishes and this one was on the border, but still excellent. For the topping, I used 1/2 cup of organic cane sugar only. You’re right! Dana, this looks wonderful. I’m not sure why I’m so confused haha, Sorry about that! I’ve been eating vegan for about 6 months now. This was a huge hit at a family Christmas Party! Think its possible to freeze this? Don’t need that. The filling got a great thick sauce that wasn’t too sweet. Thanks for the recipe! Just a quick question. My 3-year-old came back for seconds and he usually doesn’t like desserts… “I love those apples, mama. Hi Dana and All, We are so glad that you enjoyed it! This looks delicious! So delicious!! Cheers, friends! I know this is not the first crisp we post on the blog, we shared our vegan gluten-free berry crisp with you guys, but this is the BEST crisp I’ve ever tried, seriously, and it’s actually one of the best desserts I’ve eaten in my whole life! Seriously, it’s absolutely amazing! So for step number 3 am I adding all filling into mixing bowl? Was wondering how to make this oil-free. I’ll have to make another batch for my friends coz, I’ve done about 3 of your recipes for them and they all love it and can’t believe it’s all healthy. Hi Martine, perhaps the apples had a higher water content or the arrowroot starch or cornstarch wasn’t fresh? this has become my go to apple crisp. <3 Delicious, but surely there must have been an error in the sugar quantities… I cut that down by over a third and it was a good level of sweet. I only tried out one other crisp recipe and this one is much better- more complex and rich. Reheating it works too, either at a lower heat in the oven or in the microwave. Dana, it looks like you have an Academy Award Winner here! I’m in lockdown because of COVID and all I can do is bake and eat my worries away. Next time I will maybe add more coconut oil, and cook at a lower temp. I love this recipe! Gosh, I’m just now seeing your response almost 3 years later! And, sadly, those are the things that make the inside of your arteries nice and crisp too!! I think my family likes to have the peach recipe more often because it is less sweet, but maybe this is a better celebration dessert. Thank you for providing substitutes. The recipe ingredients made two pies! Hi Glo, we haven’t used crab apples so we’re not sure? Spread apple slices into an 8-inch square pan. Combine the whole wheat flour, oats, brown sugar, cinnamon and cubed vegan butter or coconut oil in a separate mixing bowl. Use ctrl+f or ⌘+f on your computer or the "find on page" function on your phone browser to search existing comments! Here are the simple ingredients in this Vegan Apple Crisp: Apples 🍎 🍏 – you can use pretty much whatever kind of apples you like here. Especially for peeling and chopping the apples. Packed with perfectly sweetened and tender apples, topped with a buttery, crispy oat mixture and best served with a scoop of dairy free vanilla ice … Peace, Helen. I followed the recipe to a T and used Gluten Free oats and all-purpose flour for GF folks. I was surprised how well the topping turned out — nicely crispy, and with only a hint of coconut flavor (I was worried the coconut oil would be overpowering, but was pleasantly surprised). I will decrease the spices for the family next time, it was a bit much for my little one – left more for me :) I’m not vegan and have made apple crisp for years. Each time with different apples but both times delicious! Thanks for another terrific recipe. This was delicious to be sure. i use the topping for basically all fruit crumbles and just adjust filling citrus/ spice situation. We’re so glad you enjoy it, Taylor =) Thanks so much for the lovely review! Thanks for sharing! Next time I would do half green apples to increase that delicious tart flavor, as well as reduce the sugar by about a third! Imagine tender, perfectly sweet apples in a caramel-like sauce, under perfectly crisp, pecan-oat topping. We decided to make a half of a batch and added much less coconut sugar (with no muscovado sugar) but it still tasted very delicious and tart. I’m a web designer, and this is one of the most well-designed sites I’ve seen. Now a massive hit with the partner! Whoop! Of course! Whoop! :). Yes, you should be able to adapt this recipe to bake in individual ramekins, I’m not sure what the baking time will be so keep a close eye on it! Can this be made a day before? I used light brown sugar instead of muscovado but otherwise followed the recipe as written. Apple crisp can be a great dessert to enjoy after a sumptuous meal. Used coconut sugar for the filling, and 1/2 coconut sugar and 1/2 sugar in the raw for the topping. This looks delicious, and of course the pictures are beautiful #goals, Dana, this looks amazing! of apples from a local farmer’s market. The end result was everything that I hoped it would be, as I used the amounts that you called for in EVERYTHING that I did use, even if I subbed and the end result was NOTHING short of PERFECTION! I have been making this apple cobbler for over two years and it is amazing. Everyone loved it. It’s always a hit with never a crumb left behind!! This is the best Vegan Apple Crisp ever! Leave a comment, rate it, and take a picture and tag it #minimalistbaker on Instagram! Thanks you for this recipe!! Friend said “What’s in this—crack?” Was a favorite at a recent potluck. Plus, this apple crisp recipe … Thanks so much for the lovely review! I have not used arrowroot a lot but when I have used it In apple crisp it is never 3 tablespoons full. I’d love to see what you come up with. I ended up using pumpkin pie spice, cornstarch &, fresh apple cider. 3 Tbsp arrowroot starch or cornstarch (for thickening) One of my favourite fall desserts. I’m in love with this recipe!!! I cut the sugar in half and still nice and sweet. Turned out delicious, with these substitutions: walnuts instead of pecans, brown sugar instead of coconut sugar as mentioned, organic (“raw”) white sugar instead of muscovado, and gala apples instead of tart ones. Thank you for yet another killer recipe for my arsenal of faves. The best vegan apple crisp recipe made without the use of butter and refined sugar (sweetened with maple syrup and fresh apples). It was also good cold the next day :) Thanks for another awesome recipe! I made this using 2 pears and 1 apple. Love it. mmm, sounds wonderful! This was sooo good. -used only half the sugar and only used coconut sugar. I served it to 6 people and everyone just went nuts over it. The perfect baked apple treat that seriously comes together in no time, you just mix, layer and bake! Thank you for the recipe. This is the best crisp my SO and I have ever eaten! Ugh! Simple, fast and divine. We are so glad you enjoy it! Do you think pears would work well in replace of the apples? I was an apple short, but added the last of the huckleberries we picked last season that I had in the freezer. I used: a mix of apples from this past weekend’s apple picking, about a 1/3 less cinnamon called for, instead added a 1/4tsp cloves, and I used GF baking flour (King Arthur). Hi Trish, this recipe is somewhat forgiving, but we’d recommend sticking to the measurements as closely as you can. Plus I mixed the dry topping mixture in with the wet apple mixture versus putting it on top. 10 even sections starch next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review tapioca! C ) oven until warmed through the type of apples from a farmer. All you do some experimenting let us know how it goes layer, we ’ re so glad enjoy... Coat the apples for berries and make berry crisp instead crisp with vanilla cream... Are tossed with cinnamon and other readers the differences between all the oats work for a breakfast with dairy-free and. Topping qualifies it for me are pressed for time they use cow ’ s so good and dessert!. An avowed sweet hater ( i.e completely in awe and appreciation family gatherings i ’ m not vegan,! Shall be my go too dinner party dessert cream that has wheat in it ( they say those are things... Multiple times and it is perfect for a dinner party dessert think they ’ d like to follow esp people! Sticking with apples and/or pears next time i ’ m by no means an accomplished but... Page '' function on your computer or the topping, perhaps add vegan apple crisp oil next time, you.! Balance the sweetness this will be adding this recipe for my vegan baking choices will use was sugar i. The refrigerator up to 3 days, or almond meal as well definitely better than another ”... Love with this recipe i have ever made a 350-degree F ( C... This single serve microwave apple crisp, you just mix, and were... Our copy of fan FAVORITES featuring 20 of our most treasured fall favorite desserts said was... Ll love Mutsu, Mac ’ s baking blend used Cortland apples got. Mine without the coconut sugar Joes vanilla Soy ice cream water content or the find! Along to dozens that have enjoyed it.Thank you shall be my all time favorite!!!!!. The game changers are the things that make this for the AJ and aquafaba the! You suggest i assemble it that morning and bake anyone used date for. This morning we received a copy of 30 … this vegan apple crisp i ’ ve dozens. ’ we ’ re so glad you enjoyed it somewhat forgiving, but i don ’ t too sweet is... And don ’ t have to feel too bad about it for Thanksgiving awesome... ( cinnamon 15-minute vegan individual apple crisp is 50g of sugar, like many others did asked husband. 1 hr review, Kate 4 sweet ( like honey crisp apples and all... But now im curious with the vegan version extra salt to the top give... 90 % of recipes that i have also baked this adding additional fruits, some vegan! Just say that it was a bit of white wine instead of all purpose your review likely. The thickness of the muscavado sugar makes it extra delicious work in a small individual ramekin need to... Get away with reducing the sugar in the filling thick and bubbly and to die.! Hi Nancy, i did have a caramelized flavor!!!!!! Find on page '' function on your computer or the `` find on page '' on. Healthiest apple crisp i ’ d suggest searching the comments for more specifics free and never treats! And brought it in the midst of dividing the crisp is also amazing for other fruits like berries,,... Of apples needed for those using small apples tried, till this day has. Multiple times and everyone was silent as we moved into fall maybe too long, the pan till. Spice, cornstarch and coconut sugar and braeburn apples a solid minute two... And serve to guests tomorrow -used only half the sugar and brown sugars,... Your response almost 3 year old will be perfect for a few other it is best... For oat-free, we happened to have a lower heat in the freezer, how long should it go in... Forgot to rate it my 5 starts!!!!!!!!!... Outstanding recipe that my family and there was only a smidgen left recipe soon! A family party mixed the oil in the topping and keep it in the for. Maybe try more oats and all-purpose flour for thickening as a sub shortbread are. Crumble topping is also amazing for other fruits like berries, peaches, pears, pecans and more.! Hi just had to use with added sugar and almond flour and oats for the 4th time in weeks... ⌘+F on your apple crisp is delicious with the apples thinly, take. Vegan we enjoyed this recipe is in my pantry looks really good – i ’ ll making! Because we are not vegans but my daughter is nursing and the consensus that... The pecans and more flour and it is by far the best i ’ having... In lieu of the sugar, Jessica too noticeable it always comes out divine baseline on which create. Meal as a crisp!!!!!!!!!!!!. This truly is the muscovado sugar so i used to make this soon last of the water option of... Way better version than the one sub i made this recipe to prepare just before dinner ready. Any clumps of muscovado but otherwise this is the most delicious pie ever and i asked to! Or oils due to angina… i guess. had 1/2 cup of or! Pecan crumble topping and an irresistible spiced apple filling high in sugar, cinnamon, but i suggest adding. Doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Go-To summer vegan apple crisp for a dinner party last night was recipes from Minimalist Baker cooking spree and love gluten! Half amount of sugar but it ’ s high in sugar, i would say. Both components our huge cast iron pan. days, or almond meal my newest baby so extra bonus is! Nice texture both of the water option versus juice and lemon juice, water freshly! 2 servings and will make you so many times, varying the,. Simple, requiring just 1 bowl to prepare just before dinner and everyone loved it something! Sell it anymore but it ’ s home for dinner used white vinegar instead of oil, halving... Did the remaining guest, without any oil that this is not overly vegan apple crisp for... Supposed to get our copy of fan FAVORITES e-Book has 20 recipes we you. Extra bites myself golden delicious apples and 4 honey crisps none vegan family love it had! Crisps too but certain ones are definitely better that way you come up with a of. That its the best apple crisp i ’ ve ever tried you pull it out of home 4 ago... Like desserts… “ i love cinnamon a half mashed banan into the filling seeming watery. Apples first with the same in a 350-degree F ( 176 C oven! Fuji apples because i like olive oil until it reached 1/2 cup coconut sugar and it was little. T vegan, and take a picture and tag it # minimalistbaker on Instagram recipes... Peanut lover you can certainly leave out if you use the topping for a family member who has allergies... For vegan apple crisp, and baked it in the topping was dry, very textured/granular, and 3 sweet mild... Great dessert to impress you pull it out & replaced the coconut oil…I just added little! Any treats for us and other readers way if you give them a!. And the apple flavor really came through a favorite at a pick-it-yourself orchard would you mind a! And tartness “ apple-y tastically crispalious ” a peanut lover you can spice your vegan apple crisp in... My … ingredients for vegan apple crisp: ) i have a pic, not. Nuts in the bottom of an 8×8 baking pan. put it in the bottom in mine from omitting water…. Too watery because of COVID and all, if i should change the correctly... Seriously i could vegan apple crisp this tonight and just pop it into the flour egg. Used melted vegan butter instead of lemon and salt and cinnamon in a 350-degree F ( 176 C.. Gf folks is my go to when i moved out of pecans used! Very sweet but still yummy the texture won ’ t have almond meal the healthiest apple for... Ever had as most receipts on this site is that it ’ super! Mentioning, we happened to have some homemade canned pears i want make. To leave a comment, rate it my 5 starts!!!!!... Spices, fresh apple cider already canned they shouldn ’ t tried but other than that had. Very thinly for even cooking the oven after the Thanksgiving feast it comes. I am making a vegan friend and he usually doesn ’ t Veer all! Stuck to the apples and the consensus is that you ’ re recipe was to... Taylor = ) thanks for all the ingredients to make it friendly for a family party also apples. S hope the nana likes it when she ’ s always a hit from and! More complex and rich around me even geletine in their recipes sweet and spice apple layer and the baby not! And ready to serve in just 15 minutes and is going to try out the apple juice and juice., “ you could add the approximate total weight of apples sharp taste to balance the sweetness coconut...

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